Nancy Zong Jia Cheng

Nancy Jia Cheng Zong is born in China on 28. 03.2006. She begins to learn piano playing in 2012 at The Lang Lang Music World Shen Zhen, China. 

Between 2012 and 2014 she became the Scholarship from Lang Lang Music World .

In 2014 Nancy was invited to join the piano for 4 hands program with Lang Lang together by CCTV event "Hi, 2014".

Since September 2015 Nancy visits The Amadeus International School Vienna. She is student by Mr. Paul Gulda for piano and by Mrs. Ula Sharif for composition. In Dec. 2015 she began to learn cello with Mrs. Jing Gatke. 

In 2016 she won a special prize of the Steinway Scholarship. 

Nancy started to compose at 2013 when she was 7 years old. Till now she has composed 

several songs and piano pieces:                                  

2013 (songs)

- Little cloud

- Moon                                

2014 (for piano)

- I love you daddy 

- Mysterious Cave ( with 10 pieces but in different styles)

- Spring Grass 

- Miss Suits (3 pieces) 

2016 (for piano and violin)

- The homesick Girl 

With this piece she won in July 2016 a special prize at the VENIA Composition Promotion Competition Vienna.