OPERA? A TAVOLA! is the first Opera Dinner Show in Austria!

"OPERA? A TAVOLA! - the culinary opera experience" is an opera performance of great musical quality with an entertaining plot, in combination with a multi-course dinner. An actress leads the audience through the course of events, explaining story and background, while four excellent opera singers act and sing and a highly accomplished pianist accompanies them on the piano. Between the acts, the audience enjoys dinner, drinks and conversation.

OPERA? A TAVOLA! takes place in the audience, with the guests being included in the story in the most charming way. The show offers excellent Mediterranean cuisine, the highest musical pleasures and many surprising extras! As well, the leading actress frequently invites her guests to participate in the course of events, such as betting on the outcome of the story and even winning a prize.

The show "OPERA? A TAVOLA! – the culinary opera experience" was designed and developed by professional opera singers. All artists, who belong to the OPERA? A TAVOLA! ensemble, are successful singers and musicians throughout Europe.