Jess-Quartett-Wien distinguishes itself by a special symbiosis: In the middle of their concert careers, Jess-Trio-Wien musicians and siblings Elisabeth Jess-Kropfitsch (first violin) and Stefan Jess-Kropfitsch (cello) have joined forces with young, up-and-coming artists Nora Romanoff-Schwarzberg (viola) and Marie Isabel Kropfitsch (second violin). They set themselves the task of performing a Live version of the six string quartets Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart dedicated to his fatherly friend Joseph Haydn, meaning they would perform three concerts at Mozarthaus Vienna and simultaneously produce CD recordings. What's more, their strong engagement with Mozart's "Haydn Quartets" led to further invitations to perform, which seems to suggest that these artists will quickly rise through the ranks of recognized quartet ensembles.