Iliya Iliev





liya Iliev - master of mosaic art, is also a founding member of the International Association of Contemporary Mosaic (AIMC) headquartered in Ravenna He is a professor of mural painting, a longtime professor at the National Academy, Head of Department Mural Painting (1990).
His work is deeply connected with the sea and nature, as well as the beauty of geometrical form. Nature and geometry is represented by Iliya Iliev through the mosaic technique. He uses marble, granite, stone, glass (modeled by the author), and various natural forms brought by time and the sea. From his participation in numerous collective and personal exhibitions we will mention those in Chartres, France (2010) and the exhibition Omnaggio in Ravenna, Italy (2013). In 2015 he was awarded the title of Honorary Member of the AIMC. He lives and works in Sofia.
1931 - Born in Bourgas;
1949 - 1954 graduated Architecture in Sofia, Bulgaria;
1955 - 1959 worked as architect-designer in Burgas;
1959 - 1966 Student Mural Painting in the National Academy of Art - Sofia, in Prof. Georgi Bogdanov’s class;
1966 - 1967 Specializes in the studio of George Patrick - Paris, France;
1969 - Professor of composition at the Academy - Sofia;
1970 - One-month residency in Finland;
1985 - Professor at the Academy - Sofia;
1989 - Member of AIMC (International Organization of Modern Masters of Mosaics) - Ravenna, Italy;
1990 - Professor at the Academy - Sofia, head of specialty Mural Painting;
1991 - Visiting professor at Southern Illinois University (SIU) - USA.
His jubilee exhibition in 2015 in the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia was opened by Mr. Nikos Tolis - President of AIMC - International Association of Modern Masters of Mosaics – Ravenna