Stella Müller


Stella Müller was born on October 2, 2001 in Vienna. She loves to listen to the music from W. A. Mozart since she was a baby. Her musical talent was shown very early when she started singing songs by using the correct notes and lyrics when she was 1.5 years old. Her biggest wish at the age of 3 was to play the violin. Fortunately she passed the exam for the music school at the age of 4 and got her first violin. As a very talented child, she also started dancing ballet at the age of 3 but decided she loved her violin lessons much more and quit the ballet lessons two years later. She started to study violin with Prof. Halsmeier, then from 2008 until 2012 at the Hauer Conservatory in Wiener Neustadt with Prof. Juri Polacek. Since 2013, she studies with Andrei Kalisch (Music School Margareten). Her memory for melodies were already noticed when she was very young and by now, at the age of 13, she has an amazing repertoire of memorized songs. Since 2012, she goes to the Musikgymnasium Vienna. She made her first orchestral experience also with Vienna Kids Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Symphony Orchestra of the Musikgymnasium Neustiftgasse (supported by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra). Highlights of her young career are the Violin competitions and her school´s annual music festival at the Golden hall of the Musikverein in Vienna. 


2014 - Prima La Musica Wien: First prize with distinction to the national competition

2014 - Prima La Musica Austria: First prize

2014 - International Music Competition “Andrea Postacchini” in Fermo, Italy

2015 - International Music Competition „Antonio Salieri“  city of Legnano, Italy

2016 - Prima La Musica Vienna: First prize with distinction to the national competition

2016 - Prima La Musica Austria