VENIA Composition Promotion Competition Vienna




  • Choice of the mandatory musical pieces for our International VENIA Young Masters Competition Vienna
  • Choice of composers for working together with VENIA
  • Support of the contemporary austrian music
  • Bringing closer to young musicians the austrian contemporary music and inspiring them to perform it 
  • National and international promotion of the choosen composers and their works during and after the international competition Young Masters and through VENIA Audition Academy and Promotion as well



Both competitions take place under the patronage of the  Councillor for Culture in Vienna Dr. Andreas Mailath-Pokorny.


We are very happy about this support from the City of Vienna!

Dr. Andreas Mailath-Pokorny
Councillor for Culture and Science

(Foto: Sabine Neuwirth)

The competition is open to composers from all nationalities, who study (or have studied), work and live in Austria. Looking for undiscovered talents we set no minimum age.  


Work requirements:


  • Cast:
    a) Violine and Piano or
    b) Piano solo
  • Duration – 6 to 12 min.
  • The works will be performed from young musicians between 14 and 19 years old and must be pratically realizable in the lessons. They should face the musicians to technical and rhythmical challenges.
  • The sheet music must be clear and good readable.  Verbal instructions and explanations must be Italian, German or English.




We nominate 3 pieces  violin and piano resp. for piano solo.

  • The pieces which win the 1. Prizes will be used as mandatory pieces for our next VENIA International Young Masters Competition Vienna
  • Working together with VENIA
  • Promotion on the Homepage of VENIA and other medias
  • The nominated piece and other works of the choosen composers will be presented during our cycle Young Masters to talented young musicians between 10 and 20 years and will be performed from them
  • The composers can sell their works worldwide through the VENIA




The registration follows throght the acceptance of the  Participation conditions and the Declaration of concent (see below), payment of the registration fee and sending of all necessary documents including the music piece until 31.05.2016 (postmark) to the following address:

VENIA Audition Academy and Promotion e.U
z. Hd. Fr. Mag. Milkana Schlosser
Weihburggasse 13-15/10
1010 Wien


Winner selection: until 30.06.2016. After this date the winners will be informed personally per Mail. 


Declaration of concent




You still don´t know us?



  • means a high level and professionalism
  • supports young musicians and composers at the beginning of their carreer and after
  • discovers some of the jewels of  eth austrian music world and supports them long-term           
  • accompanies musicians on their way up
  • supports contemporary music
  • connects composers and performers
  • forms the audience from tommorrow 


The Composition Promotion Competitionis a chance for us to meet composers who we want to wrk together with. it is a chance for you to promote your works faster and worldwide. It is the first step to our international instrumental competition VENIA Young Masters Vienna which we  are preparing just now. 


Become also you a part of the creative projects we plan in the next future!


Do you have also a vision? Take the chance and dream it!


See you on the top!


Good luck!


Milkana Schlosser

Managing Director