Audition Academy

"All our dreams can come true-if we have the courage to pursue them."
Walt Disney

We all pursue something. Happiness? Winning? Winning in every situation, every audition? And we ask ourselves: "How can I win?"

I have concerned myself with the "how" for the many years I have been involved in Vienna’s musical scene. After much thought and working together with many musicians, I have developed a new program that combines the two main components of winning – professional technical and musical preparation and the mental skills required to be a winner. A unique opportunity: through the program "Fit to Play", you can work on the important prerequisites for optimal performance while also benefitting from the orchestral and audition experience of excellent musicians. Our professors all hold positions with leading orchestras such as the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra or the "Orquesta Nacional de Espana" among others; they are often members of the jury for auditions and/or competitions. Our goal is to help you prepare for this kind of performance. You will experience a realistic audition situation and get to know the competition thereby increasing your chances for success in the professional music world.

Carole Talbot-Honeck developed her concept of mental and physical fitness for musicians based on her studies and master’s thesis research "Excellence in the Performing Arts: A Study of Elite Musicians’ Mental Readiness to Perform"; she has held seminars and presentations with various universities and orchestras, at congresses and festivals. For the duration of the academy, she will also be available for private talks. The skills you will acquire through Fit To Play will be a great help in other musical performance situations as well.

It is our goal to offer this Audition Academy for all orchestra instruments in the future. In the homepage, you will find a list of musicians who have agreed to share their time with you although they are all very active with their own professional lives.

Many thanks to my family and also to the members of the team and all musicians who have enriched and enhanced the concept with their creative ideas.

Walt Disney has said: "If you can dream it, you can do it!"


Do you have a dream? Dream it!

Mag. Milkana Schlosser
Managing Director