VENIA Art And Design


The Corona has brought many changes to our lives, forcing us to reflect - on life, art, love, our souls and nature. What do we live for? For ourselves? For others? Everyone searches for their own answers to this. For me, music and with it the violin have always been a constant support in life - they give me strength and energy when I need it. Wood has always fascinated me. They say that a master gives the wood a soul and only then does it become an instrument that touches our souls. I think the wood already has a soul - a master manages to make it visible or audible to others. It is the bond between two souls, and from their love art is born. Did Stradivari give his violins a soul? He discovered theirs, and that is why they live on so many years after him, touching us and telling us about love and suffering and human feelings. 


I have always dreamed of being able to make something out of wood. The violin is my love and my vocation, but it was only in the Corona period that I was able to dedicate myself to this dream. Wood gives me inner peace, energy and inspiration. It fulfils me to see the fruits of my work and how unique they are. Just like in music, I am not able to make something identical twice. Each piece I create has its own character, its own thoughts and memories behind it. They are impressions, emotions or simply beautiful moments that I like to remember. And I never know in advance what it will look like at the end.


VENIA Audition Academy and Promotion has grown - through VENIA Art and Design. With this, I am pursuing my desire to explore other arts in depth, as well as create something new myself. I choose special, unique pieces of wood. For most of them I have driven many kilometres to get them from different parts of Austria. I use natural materials from different countries that I have collected during my travels. I made the first lamp with planets from the solar system as a Christmas gift for my nephew, during my Corona quarantine for Christmas 2020 - a time to reflect on art and the world, on heaven and earth.


A piece of nature for your home - feel the power of wood and be inspired!


Mag. Milkana Schlosser


  • Amarena-EN
  • Australia-EN
  • Austria-EN
  • Blue Mood — EN
  • Blue lagoon — EN
  • Energy — EN
  • Good mood— EN
  • In the garden — EN
  • Liebe — EN
  • Linda-EN
  • Milan-EN
  • Morning leaves  — EN
  • Romanticism — EN
  • Sea impression— EN
  • The water fountain-EN
  • Venice-EN
  • optimist — EN